RE Wood Wicked Soy Candles

RE Wood Wicked Soy Candles

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16 oz. Rustic Enigma Wood Wicked Candle 

100% Soy 

Calico Queen- This truly intoxicating fragrance will have you begging for Sunday brunch every day of the week.

Calamity Jane- Equal parts daredevil and kindhearted, the smell of fresh flowers and light coconut, with a soothing musk and sandalwood base will conjure up perfectly its namesake.

West Texas Wind- A best seller this fall. West Texas Wind blends the beautiful cedar scent that waffs through the air in west Texas with a hint of vanilla.

Cowboy- There are boys, there are men, there are gentlemen…and then there are cowboys; a breed all their own. A cowboy is full kindness and wisdom that only hours spent in the saddle can teach. Although gentle when necessary, it is hard to find a soul tougher than a cowboy. This mesmerizingly masculine scent will bring to mind all the feelings only a cowboy can summon…those city boys just can’t compete.

Oak Barrel Cider- A wonderful fall scent that is beloved year round. The combination of apple cider paired with the woody oak make you dream of sweata weatha.

Old Gringo- Don’t let the name fool you, this blend of citrus and chili peppers is a crowd pleaser.

Pearl Hart- Black Raspberry Vanilla

Baked Apple- Oh my goodness, is grandma baking one of her famous apple pies?

Butt Naked- Sweet coconut milk, fresh ripened bananas and juicy pineapple swirled together to create an exotic tropical concoction.

Salt Lick- Reminds me of throwing the salt blocks out to our cows.

Stud- A blend of citrus, lavender, jasmine and amber.

Cowgirl Kisses- She’s up at dawn, hard at work until long after dark. She can stack hay, fix fence, haul water, and break colts. She’s tough when a bull is on the fight, and gentle when a baby calf needs her nurturing care. She is a ranch hand, cook, a caretaker, and a businesswoman. There’s not much a cowgirl can’t do for herself…but there are a few things she’ll let you do for her. And when the doin’s done, there’s hardly a better ‘thank you’ than a kiss from a cowgirl, and there’s hardly a better scent than the bright cherry chap-stick aroma of this Cowgirl Kisses candle.


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