RE Room Spray

RE Room Spray

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Homestead- Spicy, sweet, and complex. Vanilla intertwines with a spice cabinet of cinnamon, clove and allspice, finished with a kiss of sugar. Hints of nutmeg and fruits peek out from the heart notes. If scents bring up memories, this scent is the memory of home.

Cowboy's Sweetheart- This lady is as sweet as they come with a heart of gold.  The combination of rhubarb and strawberries is sure to please even the pickiest palates.

Belle Starr- Belle Starr, the Bandit Queen inspires this scent. The energetic lemon scent depicts a pre-historic Bonnie and Clyde racing across the badlands evading the Marshall’s noose, while the familiar smell of creamy vanilla will keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.

Jeans on the Line- Speaking of mucky back doors, Jeans on the Line, full of denim and sunshine, will help you at least THINK the laundry is done and the floor is mopped…

Calf Slobbers- Whether it is sitting by the campfire with a stick in your hand and a marshmallow dangling precariously on the end or walking into your grandmother’s kitchen just as she topped the sweet potato pie, the smell of marshmallows toasting and delicious merigue is sure to trigger a memory of days gone by.

Leather & Lace- A fragrance that all Western lovers will enjoy, the manly scent of leather with a hint of vanilla. A mixture for all to love

Sweet Orange Chili Paper- A sassy, saucy combination of Valencia Orange, Sparkling Bergamot, Tangerine Zest, Tart Cassis, Orange Juice, Neroli, Ground Pepper, Fiery Chili Pepper, and Sheer Musk.

Butt Naked- Sweet coconut milk, fresh ripened bananas and juicy pineapple swirled together to create an exotic tropical concoction.

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