RE Scentable Car Leathers

RE Scentable Car Leathers

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You will receive a pre-scented Rustic Enigma ReScentable car leather with a bottle of our one of a kind ReScent.  This combination will have your car smelling great.  You will only need to apply ReScent every few weeks.  

Chaps- A cherry leather combination that excites all your senses.

Pina Colada- This fragrance will have you looking for your blender and tropical fruit.

Cowboy on the Beach- A melding of a sunny coastal beach and the finest leather fragrance in the industry.

Cowboy- There are boys, there are men, there are gentlemen…and then there are cowboys; a breed all their own. A cowboy is full kindness and wisdom that only hours spent in the saddle can teach. Although gentle when necessary, it is hard to find a soul tougher than a cowboy. This mesmerizingly masculine scent will bring to mind all the feelings only a cowboy can summon…those city boys just can’t compete.

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