Magnolia Laundry Soap 70oz.

Magnolia Laundry Soap 70oz.

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Drop 2 tablespoons in your laundry load and let Magnolia Laundry Soap do its deep cleaning without the harmful detergents or fillers. Trash your dryer sheets, bleach, and scent boosters- THIS DOES IT all! Gentle enough for kids and adults!

Detergent-free, plant based, gentle for all laundry soap is customizable with your favorite Magnolia Scent. 

Mermaid- Swim away with our magically delicious blend of Magnolia, apple, citrus, and berries!

Serendipity- Clean, fresh scent with top notes of tropical fruits, woodland greens and sweet citrus, middle notes of ripe strawberries and fragrant jasmine, and bottom notes of sweet seasonal raspberries

Vanity- Seductive blend of warm, woodsy Egyptian musk and enchanting patchouli spiced with the subtle sweetness of cinnamon, orange blossom, and hints of anise.

Aqua Spa-Our cleanest, crisp scented soap. Indulge in notes of modern rose and lily brightened with hints of orange, lime and ozone. 

Steel Magnolia- Our signature mixture of sweet Magnolia with a masculine side of vetiver and musk. This is our most popular unisex scent.

Oatmeal Milk & Honey- Oatmeal Milk & Honey is a wonderful fresh aroma of Hawthorne, with nuances of cream French Vanilla, soh milk and a base note of nutty almond. 

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